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Red the drake finds a surprise when she gets a request from Blue and Green.

Originally planned to be a submission for Mini Jam.



WASD / Directional Buttons = Movement (W/Up = Jump)

Spacebar = Shoot Fireball 

X-box Controller:

Directional Buttons = Movement (Up = Jump)

X-button = Shoot Fireball

A-button = Jump


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RedsSurprise-LINUX.zip 17 MB
RedsSurprise-WINDOWS.zip 15 MB


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Cool little platformer. Cute little pixel graphics.

I feel like you have to cheese things a bit too much -- I found myself only fighting the enemies when I had to, and usually shooting them from out of their range. I think having an invulnerability period when you take damage would help a lot with that.

The enemies when you first enter the main building that are on one tile high raised platforms are really hard to shoot because you basically have to either shoot right after jumping or on the way down from jumping.