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Last update for now, I guess.

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Updated the Android version where you can set the location of the directional buttons.

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Deleted 91 days ago
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Yes. Those who already purchased the game can download the updated versions. Check the downloads page from your Library page.

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Around 7 or 8.

Wheres the android version?

Been planning to release it to android for some time now. The game will need to have tweaks in the UI for mobile compatibility.

alrighty and thank you for responding so quick

Mac version cannot be opened

claims to be damaged

MacOS Monterey

Tried reuploading the Mac version. Also uploaded a new version.

Linux version does not work, crashes on attempting to start up

WARNING: _update_root_rect: Font oversampling only works with the resize modes ‘Keep Width’, ‘Keep Height’, and ‘Expand’. At: scene/main/scene_tree.cpp:1159. ERROR: _load: No loader found for resource: res://ValkyrieDungeonR. At: core/io/resource_loader.cpp:285. ERROR: start: Failed loading scene: res://ValkyrieDungeonR. At: main/main.cpp:1737. ERROR: ~List: Condition ’ _first != __null ’ is true. At: ./core/self_list.h:111. ERROR: ~List: Condition ’ _first != __null ’ is true. At: ./core/self_list.h:111. WARNING: cleanup: ObjectDB Instances still exist! At: core/object.cpp:2087. ERROR: clear: Resources Still in use at Exit! At: core/resource.cpp:425.

Which version did you try to run? There are two Linux versions: One for 32-bit and one for 64-bit.

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64 bit The windows version works in WINE so I can at least play the game


biggest regret is buying this

would definitely buy if their animations

Are the defeat scenes animated or static?




ah, good to know

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I have a question~! I leave a message

Do you have plans to update your current game? 

I hope there is an update plan for this game ~~

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hi developer 

I bought your game and enjoyed it.

Let me write down some reviews.

There is too little information about the game.

1.How many stages are there?

2. How many pages are there in CG?

3. Games are harder than you think. 

4.I hope there are save points for each step. 

The picture or fun of the game is great. 

I don't know if you can see the article, but please refer to the update from now on. 

It would be better if the picture was an animation.

I'll pray for your future.

I'm not good at English, but I hope you understand me well

Thanks for your input/review.  I've been improving my pixel art this year. Hope to have you as a customer on my future projects.

Will there be a web browser version?

is there a demo for this?

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The Game Jam version, Valkyrie Dungeon Mini.