Ver 1.3 - Graphics Overhaul

A new update has been implemented which changes the sprites/CG images of the game. Much of my pixel artwork has changed and this update reflects that.  I've been through some burnout during the first half of the year so I started quite late and progressed slowly.

Character Sprite Progression

Character Sprite Progression

I've made some small changes to the game mechanic: The number of turns before enemies move and separating bonus attack/defense from scrolls from the attack and defense from equipment.


Bonus Attack and Defense from Scrolls are now separate.

I've added two new enemies: Succubus and Gargoyle

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Dec 08, 2021 16 MB
Dec 08, 2021 15 MB
Dec 08, 2021 29 MB
Dec 08, 2021 97 MB
Dec 08, 2021

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