Valkyrie Dungeon R Early Access Release

Early Access of Valkyrie Dungeon R. A Ryona (NSFW/R-18) version of Valkyrie Dungeon Mini. This game features an updated player status display and 3 selectable characters with each her own defeat/clear CG. 

Features in current development:

Music - I've been trying to study chip tune music composition but having a hard time.

Gallery - Creating a gallery for the defeat/clear CGs of the characters.

Future features:

Multiple CGs: The CG that displays changes depending on how much you've defeated / cleared the game.

More enemy types.

Files 14 MB
Sep 27, 2019 13 MB
Sep 27, 2019 13 MB
Sep 27, 2019 11 MB
Sep 27, 2019

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